Computer Repairs

Common services performed on Personal Computers;

  • Virus removal
     Also known as Adware, Malware, Spyware, Rootkit, and many other names, this is the most common issue that computer users deal with on a daily basis.  Most commonly, these infections get onto a computer by two methods.  The first method happens when the user visits a website and their antivirus protection does not see an infection downloading in the background to the computer.  Soon, your antivirus has been disabled and havoc is released on your computer.  The second method is when the user downloads, installs, or updates a program and does not read what they are agreeing to install.  ‘By clicking Next, you agree to install…’ is commonly seen but normally ignored by the user.  Soon, popups and slowness become commonplace on the computer.
  • DC Jack/Harness repair
      A very common
  • LCD and LED screen replacement
     Your screen is flickering, cracked, or just doesn’t turn on anymore.  This can be replaced by our technicians and generally it’s a great way to get your system back up and going!  Most people believe that it’s better to buy a new system then to put the money into replacing the screen, as it can get expensive.  The main thing you will want to weigh in on will be if you have your system set up with specific programs and a new system will just not be the same.  Even if you choose to not replace the screen, we CAN still get your data off of the computer.
  • Video issues
  • Hard disk drive failures
  • Custom builds
  • Memory expansion
  • Storage expansion
  • Hardware/software installation
  • Part replacement
  • General overhaul to speed up your system
  • And yes, we work on Apple/MAC!! They are PC’s (Personal Computers), too.