I feel so stupid when I can't figure out what I did to screw up my laptop. And I get notices and have no idea what I am supposed to do with them. Everyone at PCS makes me feel that there may be hope for me. They are very knowledgeable and efficient. I have never had better service...........anywhere!

Author *Jean Robinson   

I had a lot of questions that "normal" users would have known. The answers were easy to understand and the "fix" was reasonable and fast. They worked with me and my budget to get me on the happy side again

Jean Robinson   
Author Picture

My husband and I bought our first laptop from Personal Computer Solutions. We were so impressed with the friendliness and support of the techs that we recommended them to all our friends and relatives. Recently, we purchased our second Lenovo laptop. With an upgrade to Windows 10, we had many questions........and, again, the same professional support. Thank you to Jeremy and Jim. You are both great assets to the PCS team!

Author Picture

O.M.G. The person who answered the phone solved my mac. prob. right away. I will use this company for any problems/purchases in the future.

Author Picture

PCS is EXCELLENT!! I took my laptop in and found out I needed a hard-drive, and of course I had to be the problem child for them, they worked hard to save all my files and put windows back on my computer, PCS was very friendly and very efficient. I will be back to them when I need it! A HUGE SHOUT OUT to everyone there. Thank you so much!!

Tammie Schneider   
Author Picture

"Hi my name is Ken I have done a lot of business with PCS. This last week my main computer went down so i called PCS on Saturday afternoon. I explained to the tech that i had info on the drive that i needed right away. They had Scott call me and met me at the store to recover the info i needed. All I can say is WOW the service is great,low priced,and they make sure i know how to prevent any of the issues i had. This was the best experience I have ever had getting my computer fixed.. Thank You Scott and Jeremy you saved me hundreds of dollars and many hours of work. "

Ken: Way Above My Highest Expectation   
Author Picture

" THANK YOU JEREMY! You responded within the hour, and you fixed it within minutes...amazing. No one else in town would have done it that fast, and they would probably have charged us double. Thanks again! "

The Cellar: Customer   
Author Picture

"When you need new computers come and see PCS first. We came here just to check prices for comparision. PCS took our specifications and offered several brands of laptops. We settled on two new Toshiba laptops and for an additional reasonable fee he came to our home and installed wireless connections, transferred files, set up new email etc. We've since been in Best Buy to compare prices and NOTHING Best Buy offered were are as nice as what we got from PCS for the price. If you want a hassle free, competent, and price competetive computer experience you'd be wise to talk to Personal Computer Solutions. Hats off to you!!! "

Charlie Claussen: Delighted Customer   
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"Got you guys out of the yellow pages and do I feel lucky. Spent 3-4 hours on the phone with my computer manufacturers " tech " line and was pretty much ready to buy something new. After a brief conversation, I brought my tower the 20 mile drive, had experienced the dreaded blue screen and was of course expecting the worst. You spent 10 minutes doing a preliminary inspection, explained things in a language that a 61 year old " Car " guy could understand and in 2 days my system is back up and running as good as new, nothing lost, a couple of great new programs loaded for my convenience and best of all, one of our pictures from our vacation this spring loaded as our desk top back ground! Thanks so much for giving non computer oriented people faith in the electronics age and the young people that make it work correctly! Your the best and will get my recomendation to all my friends. Thanks again! Tim McKinney"

Tim McKinney   
Author Picture

" PCS provides EXCELLENT customer service! I am extremely satisfied with every aspect of my recent experience and purchase. While I was there, Scott, his staff, and even a loyal customer ? Gary, took time to answer questions, explained features of various computer systems in a way I could really understand, and had a genuine conversation with me. During the entire time, never once did they try to ?sell? me anything. They helped me make an informed decision that resulted in the best purchase I could have ever made to meet my needs. I had a tiny bit of trouble when I got home trying to connect everything ? it was totally my fault - but a quick phone call to Scott saved the day. He even called me a week after my purchase to follow-up and see how everything was going ? WOW ? I can?t remember ever buying anything with that kind of personal service! I would highly recommend PCS for all of your computer needs. "

Author Picture

" I have now been to PCS for two laptops. I will continue to go to them for all my computing problems and troubleshooting. Their staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and fair. Their prices and efficiency are greatly appreciated. I always leave PCS feeling satisfied from the respect and courtesy shown from the PCS staff. I will continue to recommend them to all my professional and personal acquaintances for computer services."

Author Picture

"I was having trouble with a router and getting my new Nook connected on a Friday nearing 4pm. Jeremy came out to the house and got me up and running in no time flat! PCS is a great company to deal with. They service what they sell and are polite, business-like and tech savvy! They are so helpful and best part is that they are very reasonably priced! Other computer businesses in this town really GOUGE and I will not do business with them. I'm a loyal customer of PCS and will stay with them! "

JC Enberg: Satisfied Customer   
Author Picture

"I was having a frustrating experience with a new computer! The manufacturer ordered new parts that had been on back order more than 2 weeks with no estimated time of arrival. Nothing worse than a new computer that isn't working like it is supposed to! My husband's business had spoke highly of PCS so I gave them a call. Jeremy spent 15 minutes with me on the phone and fixed it! It wasn't defective parts after all like the manufacturer thought. Amazing service from PCS! I'll call Jeremy & the folks at PCS anytime in the future for my computer. They are friendly, smart and fast. Thanks! "

Karen: A Very Happy Customer   
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"Thank you PCS your fast service and excellent customer service. Something was keeping my computer from being able to download Microsoft up-dates. Jeremy fixed it in less than a half an hour. I spent 3 days and a lot of head aches trying to figure it out myself. Next time I?ll know better and just take it right in to PCS! Thank you! "

Jody: Happy Customer   
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"My computer had been nonfunctional for several months when I was just about to give up. I went to best buy this summer to get a new computer charger when my other one gave out. The Geek Squad gave me a new charger and sent me on my way. Not only did they give me the wrong brand of charger for my laptop, they also gave me one that had very low amps and too high of voltage. For several months my computer gradually got worse. It would get hot enough to burn skin when used for short periods of time. Then it started crashing... sometimes and gradually got to the point my computer would only show a black screen and when I could get it to turn on it had to be on the charger. when I searched around other places wanted to charge just to diagnose the problem. So I went to PCS and was helped instantly by very friendly and knowledgeable staff. The found the problem in minutes... I was amazed. They informed me promptly that my the battery was completely dead and unable to charge because my charger."

Candice Berte: Very Satisfied Customer   
Author Picture

"PCS does a really great job fixing whatever problem I am having with any of our computers at home--our 2 desktops and our kids laptops, our printers, etc. They have come out to our house in timely manner and they are polite and helpful and deal with any issues. I recommend them to anyone I hear who is having technology issues. "

Kathy Beggerly   
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"As usual, lightning quick service, personable people and done RIGHT the first time! Now, can you give some training courses to Mediacom on customer service! Thanks again, I will never use anybody but you guys! "

Tim McKinney: Repeat Customer   
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"Thank you Scott & Jeremy. You have worked on my office computers two different times and both times required you to come to my office and also you have worked on my personal laptop....affordable, which makes me and my Council very happy....I am always telling anyone who has computer problems to come to you....very happy and excited to have found you. "

Wanda Ganeff: City Clerk, Lehigh   
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"A frantic pace for me is a slow day. I don't have time for computer problems. Its needed for homework and keeping in touch with relatives scattered across the US. When I turn it on its for a good reason. When it causes me problems, my stress level skyrockets. I just don't have time for any problems. PCS takes my stress away. Everyone that works there has been magnificent. They know what they're doing, they do it exceptionally well, and they're faster than any other place I've ever used, their prices are great, and they are so amazingly friendly. Nobody likes to have problems and nobody likes to spend money they didn't expect to have to spend. But if your computer is driving you crazy, don't bother looking around anymore. You've found the right place. And once you use their service, you won't ever think about going to anyone else!"

Jim Atwood   
Author Picture

" PCS saved my operating system and calmed a very nervous customer. Jeremy was able to restore the system with no loss of information. He was very professional and so calm. He made a very big problem seem everyday. I would not have any other computer company work on our computers. We very satisfied with their work and their professional and kind manner. We recommend PCS very highly."

Pam Hopper: Frantic Customer   

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