Gaming Consoles

The Addition of Consoles

We still offer to look at and attempt to repair consoles to serve the needs of our customers.  If you have any issues with your current consoles, bring them in and we can attempt to repair them.

Current charges start at 1/2 Hour of Labor ($37.50)

Almost all work does not go OVER 1 hour!  If we find out that we need a part, we will call you first and let you know the current situation.

We can attempt work on the following types of consoles:

xbox360ps3nintendo dswiipsp

Since we cannot control the conditions that the console is subjected when it is not in our shop, we have to charge for each time the console is brought in for repair. Therefore, we have a few suggestions to minimize the chances of your console breaking down again.

Consoles overheat VERY easily. Keep your console in a well-ventilated area, such as on top of your entertainment center. Enclosed spaces do not allow the heat to dissipate quickly enough. DO NOT set on a shag carpet or anywhere where the vents will be blocked.

DO NOT move your console while it is on. Please wait for it to shut off and allow 20 minutes of cool down time before moving.