10 Minute Diagnostic

Why do we offer the Free 10 Minute Diagnostic?

The Free 10-Minute Diagnostic is a method of helping you figure out what is wrong with your computer and how much it would take to fix it before you have to put any money into it. Sometimes this might be verifying what you already knew, other times it could be letting you know that it isn’t as bad as you thought or feared. “Yes, it looks like the network card is not working” or “No, your computer is not toast, only the power supply has failed, easily fixed”. Also, some of the most frustrating computer problems customers have are things that can be fixed quickly. We at Personal Computer Solutions do not believe that we should charge for something that takes less than 10 minutes to fix. Our goal here is to keep your computer experience as happy and frustration-free as possible, not to empty your pocketbook. So if we can fix it quickly and make you happy, WE are happy, mission completed.

What does a Free 10 Minute Diagnostic include?

The FREE 10-Minute Diagnostic includes any labor done on your computer that takes our technician less than 10 minutes to fix. This can include a wide range of fixes such as; driver installation, settings changes, cleanup of startup items, etc. Hardware installation, if under 10 minutes, is included in this offer, even if you purchased it somewhere else. This can include hard drives, memory, and PCI cards with their drivers. We do this so that when you go home, you are confident that your newly purchased equipment is going to work for you just like it should.

What is not included in the Free 10 Minute Diagnostic?

Any hardware that you decide to add to your computer is not included, but the installation is. As an example, if we discover that the reason your computer is running slow is that it is low on memory and you decide to purchase memory, we will install the memory for free but you would still need to pay for the memory upgrade. Also, if correcting your problem is going to escalate from a Free 10-Minute Diagnostic to billable time, the technician will inform you ahead of time, so no need to worry that you are going to get a surprise bill at the end.