About Us

We’ve been in operation since January 2008. Originally we were located on Central Avenue, just as a small start out shop. However, due to demand of business, we moved to a larger location to support the inflow of customer’s computers. We have always stuck by the belief that the customer comes first. We strive to get what you need done, not only quickly, but efficiently. We also explain what happened to the computer so that, in future instances, you will have the knowledge to prevent issues from happening again.

Below is the background of the employees at Personal Computer Solutions.

Scott Thompson: Owner/ManagerScott

I have been fascinated by computers since I was 12 (we won’t say how long ago that was! LOL). I’ve done just about everything with computers at one point or another; programming, repairs & upgrades, gaming, tutoring, networking, college level instruction, graphic design, web page development, Internet tech    support, and retail computer sales. I have gone to school and gotten my Associate’s Degree in Computer Networking. Currently, I am living my dream, running my own shop and working with a bunch of great people, which also means that I am so busy that I don’t get to do much of those things I just listed above! Ah, well, I still love what I do, and that is what counts.

Email Me: Scott.Thompson@PCSFortDodge.com

Nicole Behrens: TechnicianNicole

Working here has been an excellent learning experience because I get to learn something new everyday. In fact I have learned so much from working here for five years that I have gone from being a secretary to a full time technician.  I enjoy being a technician because now I can focus more on learning different aspects and areas when it comes to computers, phones, and tablets.  The computer shop is like a second family. We try to be as honest and as helpful to the customers as we can.

Email Me: Nicole.Behrens@PCSFortDodge.com

Jim Smoley: TechnicianJim

I have always liked to work on computers and have been doing it for serveral years. I started here just help Scott and Jeremy get computers ready for sale and have stayed here because I like my job.